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San Mateo

Event Center

1346 Saratoga Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403

August 24 - 25, 2024

Image by Julian Paefgen

USA Asian Culture Food EXPO

The U.S. Asian Cultural and Food Expo is committed to serving as a bridge connecting outstanding Asian brands to the U.S. market. Through this Expo, exhibitors and participants can explore business opportunities, establish partnerships, and expand their market presence. By showcasing their products and services, participating brands will gain exposure to U.S. distributors, buyers, and brokers, thus opening up possibilities for market entry and growth.

Activitiy Overview


Asian Foodie Fest​

Meanwhile, this expo also leverages the Asian Food Festival to assist brands in obtaining first-hand customer feedback and client resources. The outdoor venue will feature well-known food brands and businesses from California, increasing consumer traffic (B2C) and helping brands gain a comprehensive understanding of mainstream American demand for Asian products as well as feedback from the Asian community in the United States.​​

 Event Features 

The Largest Large Scale Event Organizer ​in North America

The organizer has deep roots in

both the mainstream and Asian markets in the U.S. In addition to annually co-hosting various large-scale street festivals with local governments in different cities across the U.S., which increases brand exposure and brings signi-ficant economic benefits to the local area, they also create multiple brand-influential events based on the needs of brands and various clients.

Event Venue Features​


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to numerous prestigious educational institutions, such as Stanford and Berkeley, which attract many high-tech companies to establish their headquarters here, including tech giants like Apple and Google. The venue, located in San Mateo County, is centrally positioned in the Bay Area, connecting the East Bay, South Bay, and San Francisco and attracting attendees from the entire Silicon Valley region.

Extensive Market Resources


This exhibition combines brand resources with an outdoor food festival, combining valuable resources for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) inter-actions. The event features invited media coverage, providing parti-cipants with resources from both the business and consumer sides, quickly creating opportunities for brands in the U.S.​

Combining Online and
Offline Promotion

As a professional marketing company, the ​organizer’s online advertisements cover the entire U.S., reaching over 2 million people per event. This is comple-mented by offline brand exposure, including event day food traffic and two months of outdoor advertising at a prominent Silicon Valley location. ​ All participating brands will be featured in the U.S. Asian Food and Culture Expo handbook. By com-bining online and offline exposure, brands ​can quickly achieve market recognition.

Maximize Brand Exposure


The organizer provides com-prehensive online platform exposure and long-term offline advertising, enabling sponsors

to achieve market recognition in

the shortest time possible. Add-itionally, sponsors are given premium positions at the exhi-bition, ensuring maximum foot traffic and showcasing the sponsor’s leadership in the industry.


Government Support &
Media Coverage​

The organizer focuses on creat-ing events for the Asian community, promoting Asian culture, and marketing Asian brands, con-sistently receiving strong support from local govern-ments. Additionally, the organizer has extensive media resources, ensuring the authority and effective dissemination of the event.



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